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Filane has issued a string of albums and CDs of cover tunes and original music that are sold throughout northwestern Ontario. In 1999, he was featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary series “A Scattering of Seeds”, and in 2002 on the CBC series Personal Best. Filane is author of a novel on minor hockey and, in 2009, was named an “RBC Regional Hockey Leader” for his volunteer work with amateur hockey in northwestern Ontario. The Filane family operates several businesses in Schreiber, Ontario: the Cosiana Inn, the Fallen Rock Motel, Hollywood Filane Sportswear & Boxing Gym, Filane’s Can-op & Variety, Filane’s Dollar ‘n’ More, Filane’s Restaurant and Filane’s Canadian Spring Water.


Cosimo and Diana Filane Figliomeni have eight children: Domenic, Gerry, Edith, Dean, Salvatore, Shawn, Deana, and Mario.

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